Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shredding Shredding not so gone- Day 16

I just finished day 16 level 2 of the 30 day challenge. I am still out of breath, I am a sweaty mess and I am not liking Jillian so much.
First off, I really dislike that I have to watch her stupid intro every single time I turn on her DVD. Why can't I just get to the menu?
The military presses are killer, I can't do them. I can balance and kick with no problem, but the arms are killer. I wonder if I should get 3 lb weights.... I would also use them for the V raised and squats, my arms have never raised a weight in a V palms facing up position before and It is frickin' hard.
I know Natalie was messing around, but that tone of Jillian's "Thank You" really bothers me. And her side conversations with her, keep that to yourself, I need to workout not listen to you yap.
Jillian wants the workout to be a continuous 20 minute workout, so why is there so much time in between moves? While on the floor, I am able to squeeze in at least 5 extra crunches while she is telling us to get going.
Yes, I sound bitter. Not because I hate the workout, In fact I really like it. I just wish the trainers would take into consideration that the user will be hearing the same exact thing every single day. I am bitter cause I am fat. I am working on it.
I know I said I would try to eat healthier, and for the most part (during the week) I really try. On the weekend, though is another matter. You don't live with my husband. We eat out a lot. It is hard to order something healthy when he is ordering a delicious burrito. And you should see the meals he makes, sometimes healthy like last night we had salmon with greenbeans, but other nights we are having rigatoni bolognese, and it is so good and I eat and eat. Oh well. I will try to be better with my food.
I am really proud that I have made it this far in the challenge. Have I seen a difference in my body? NO. But at least I am working out and it helps my heart be healthy.


  1. At least you are still doing the challenge:) I just started and I hate it! I am also annoyed with the side talk.

    You can still eat the good stuff. Just use smaller portions and add more salad or veggies. Just an idea.

  2. Thanks Vickie,
    I try... sometimes I feel like i've lost inches other days I don't.
    Definitely adding more green to my meals. Thanks.

  3. I like your last sentence. At least you are doing it which is more than I am doing! :)

    - Lisa

  4. BTW, I just moved to Texas from Rancho Cucamonga CA. :) I miss in n out... lol We used to drive around Pasadena all the time. :)