Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentine cutie

This week, at I Heart Faces, the challenge is to find our “Best Face Photo from February 2011”.

This is my oldest daughter. She is 2 1/2. This is one of the first photos I took using my new camera. This is straight out of the camera. As you can see, I need to play with it some more so that I can take a far better shot. The face, though, I absolutely love! This was taken on Valentine's day. Her daddy came home with a bag full of goodies from the Hello Kitty store. The fact that he ventured into that store on his own says how much he must love his daughters. He rarely steps foot in a mall. I hope you enjoy this shot.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm trying to come back... again.

Every year my husband and I get an allotment to spend as we wish with a small portion of our tax return. This year I chose to get a nice camera. I went with a Nikon DSLR (D5000). After a little research I found this one to be a good beginner camera and it was in my price range. Luckily my sister-in-law found a nice little starter kit at Costco with just the camera I wanted and a few extras ( a zoom lens and a carry case). Now I need to start using it. I want to capture my daughter's moments in life and some staged ones too. For starters, I will start with You Capture and I heart faces. Let's hope I keep this up or at least start it up. Please send good vibes my way that I will take on this endeavor with full vigor. If you know of any websites that have tutorials or weekly photography assignments, send them my way please.
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