Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm trying to come back... again.

Every year my husband and I get an allotment to spend as we wish with a small portion of our tax return. This year I chose to get a nice camera. I went with a Nikon DSLR (D5000). After a little research I found this one to be a good beginner camera and it was in my price range. Luckily my sister-in-law found a nice little starter kit at Costco with just the camera I wanted and a few extras ( a zoom lens and a carry case). Now I need to start using it. I want to capture my daughter's moments in life and some staged ones too. For starters, I will start with You Capture and I heart faces. Let's hope I keep this up or at least start it up. Please send good vibes my way that I will take on this endeavor with full vigor. If you know of any websites that have tutorials or weekly photography assignments, send them my way please.
Welcome to my blog.