Wednesday, April 8, 2009

30 day shred- DAY 3

Yesterday I had completed two days of shredding, and you know what? I didn't feel so bad. I felt sore, but I could still move around and play with my babygirl. It wasn't that bad. Come night time, when I finally had time to sit around and watch biggest loser, baby was down for the night, I got up from the couch and lo and behold, my legs felt so stiff! Ah, I thought. This is what everyone is talking about. I still got up early this morning to Shred.
The set of jumping jacks after the warm up really kicked my ass! They were so hard to do. It is always that set that I feel like I've never moved in my life. The rest of the workout was pretty much the same. I got through it and I really think I improved from day one. I live for the arm flies on the floor. I could do those forever, it's like my own personal break!
Well, ladies, I am not phoning it in, how are you doing?
BTW, I also joined the water challenge. I will be drinking 64 oz of water a day. I used to drink that much water before, but since I've been home with babygirl, it all went to hell. Well, now I am making a conscious effort to get it all in. I really thinks it makes a difference with weight loss. Now if I could only get the food part to be healthier....


  1. Good job keeping it up! Good luck!

  2. welcome to the sisterhood! i sypathize - when i'm at my desk at work its easy to get my 64 oz of water, but at home on the weekends i struggle.