Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm back...kind of

When you last heard from me, I was attempting to shred. I made it to 16 days. Funny cause 16 is my lucky number, but in this case I quit. I found out I was pregnant and all my shredding went out the window. Now I am 21 weeks pregnant, with another girl! I am due Christmas Day. I hope for the well being of my daughter's sanity she is early. It totally sucks having a birthday around Christmas, let alone on Christmas day!
For now this will no longer be a weight loss blog. I'll just blog about whatever tickles my fancy. Sometimes about my daughter, sometimes about my hubby, sometimes about my pregnancy and sometimes about what I wish I was doing. For real juicy blogs, I have my super secret blog ;) one which I have also been neglecting. Or I have nothing juicy to blog about.
I hope I have inspiration to blog. I've been feeling super tired lately, but I really think I need an outlet and this might as well be it.


  1. Oh my gosh! Congratulation! My first child was born 6 days before Christmas. We try our best so she doesn't feel like she is getting any rough deals with gifts.

    BTW. I gave up on Shredding too. It was too hard.

  2. Hey, it happens. We all sometimes fall into the dark black hole of blogging. Where our mind goes blank and we get no bloggin juice going. I know I'm there. You know I got you on twitter so it's all good! =)

    And hope she does get here early! If not, that's ok too! You'll just have more parties during that time! LOL

  3. update. My daughter was born 14 months ago... YIKES! She wasn't born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but on my birthday! A very special birthday gift indeed. :)